Identify as bi/multiracial, mixed heritage, or Hapa?
Want to explore your multiple racial and ethnic identities in a supportive environment?



The mission of Multiracial Beavers is to support multiracial individuals and create opportunities for community building and growth.



–          Elevate the consciousness of the multiracial experience

–          Provide online resources for students, staff, and faculty

–          Build a network of OSU multiracial students, staff, faculty, and alumni

–          And, support multiracial student success


Given that multiracial students are the fasted growing demographic on college campuses (Jones & Jones, 2010) and taking into consideration OSU’s unique geographic location and being a predominantly white institution, this community allows for individuals to explore all of who they are without having to dismiss dimensions of their identity.  While the experiences of multiracial identities are vastly diverse, research has shown that there are common themes within the multiracial experience that deserve our attention and care.

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