The Story Behind North Porch Cafe

With much anticipation MU Retail Food Service’s newest location will finally open its doors July 9th! Our grand opening will coincide with Summer Sessions Summer Fun Break in the MU Quad.

North Porch has been an idea growing in the MURFS garden for a while now, to tell you all about how it came to fruition we made a little video to share our excitement for this new location!

Be sure to join us July 9th and try some delicious banh mi Sandwiches and curry rice bowls!

Opening July 9th at 10:30 AM until 4:00 PM

See you there!

MURFS Graduates!



We would like to take a moment to thank all of our amazing students who have worked here at MURFS, they are all off to bigger things
and have great paths ahead of them!
Good luck to you all!

Morgan Chan
Klaudia Freitas
Gordon Fenn
Keely Jamison


Amber Buffington
Anik Shrestha
Bailey Burfield
Brittany Swanson


Hayley Blanche
Andrea Bourgeois
Ben Tate
LeeAnna Barton
Michael McDonald


Stephen Peterson
Ashlee Baxter
Taylor Hughes
Sophia Parker
Briana Clem
Hailey Petersen
Paige Molzahn
Nikki Demers


Elyssa Ansberry
Ruben Banuelos
Jordan Bigam
Dominique Loberg
Emily Mowry
Taylor Smith
Kelly Ward
Tyler Vezzani


Monica Bletcher
Breeana Davis
Hannah Deline
Emie Felix
Caitlin Fox
Kayla Handley
Courtney Hollingsworth
Mallory Kempton-Hein
Amanda Lamson
Amber Newman
Felicia Pays
Annette Stevenson
Jaden Wright


Nancy Her
Richard Peterson
Megan Roberts

Around the World at Pangea


Explore the food of the world today with NUTR 447 class’ presentation of Around the World at Pangea Cafe, where they will be dishing out world fare like German Bratwurst, West African Mafe Stew, Mexican fish Tacos and much more!

To find out what is on today’s menu head over to Pangea’s Daily Specials or better yet come down anytime between 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM to try some good food!



A Taste of Asia



Today NUTR 447 is presenting A Taste of Asia, in Pangea Cafe. A sample of what you can expect on today’s menu: Fresh Spring Rolls, Korean Beef, Daal Curry, Spicy Chicken Wings and more!

To find out what is on today’s menu head over to Pangea’s Daily Specials or better yet come down anytime between 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM to try some good food!

La Cocina Latina: Una Fiesta de Sabor

Get ready for some mouthwatering meals being prepared right now in Pangea’s kitchen! La Cocina Latina’s menu will be served starting at 10:30 Am today!

La Cocina Latina



Come down to Pangea to enjoy a sampling of NUTR 447 class’ presentation of La Cocina Latina. You can look forward to finding some deliciously prepared latin dishes like Sweet Potato Black Bean Enchiladas, Peruvian Ceviche, Argentinian Steak Salad and more!

To find out what is on today’s menu head over to Pangea’s Daily Specials or better yet come down anytime between 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM to try some good food!

Taking over Pangea Cafe!

A Taste of Asia

It’s a rainy Tuesday afternoon and the students in Robyn Jones’ Food Service Marketing and Management class are hard at work.  These culinary and dietetics students must work together in groups of 12 to design a menu and a marketing plan to take over Pangea Café for a day.  Essentially each of these students will act as restaurant owners for one day and on top of that, their recipes must meet certain nutrition and costing criteria.  This class makes Hell’s Kitchen look like a walk in the park.  But the students are up for the task.  Our group, A Taste of Asia, is very excited to bring a little piece of the Far East to the Northwest Thursday May 29th! Through our collaboration, teamwork and creativity, we have created a cohesive menu that features delectable dishes from India, Thailand, China, Korea and Vietnam. Choose from fresh Vietnamese spring rolls, bubble tea, curries, spicy Korean beef, mango sticky rice and more! Vegan and gluten free options available.


With the end of the term comes a very big goodbye for JavaStop! Our Megan is graduating and starting a new exciting chapter of her life!  We wanted to put together a little send off with some messages and photos from her fellow staff/family!

“With Megan, I can’t possibly think of only one special moment. Having known her for nearly 3 years now, I have spent countless hours in women’s studies classes with her, lazy afternoons with her kittens, and even played the worlds LONGEST game of pool, roughly 2 hours. Let the record show, that I won that game.

Megan was also one of the first people I met at Java Stop. She even interviewed me!

So I have to say, thanks Megan, with out you, I wouldn’t have this job.

When I say that Megan is one of the kindest, most hilarious people I have ever met, I truly mean it. She has this amazing ability to make people instantly comfortable, whether she’s known you for years, or just met you. That is one thing that I can never express enough gratitude for, because it made me feel so welcome when I started working at Java Stop.

I had no idea when I was hired that I would gain, not only a great co-worker, but an incredible friend. Which makes saying goodbye that much more difficult.

Mega-Lou, I’ll miss you more than I can verbalize. I love you, and I’ll see you soon- you can count on that!”

– Mallory

“Megan, It is hard to see you go! You have been with all of us since we started! You always bring a smile to everyone’s face. I will miss your hard work and I will try my hardest to be your “mini-me” :)”

– Kelsey

A night out with some of the Java Crew.

“Megan is one of the foundational reasons I felt so welcomed at home at JavaStop. She went out of her way to ask if I had any questions or concerns, and always had a smile and something nice to say when I was feeling not up to par or insecure. Megan is the face of JavaStop. It seems that whenever she is working she knows everyone in the line. So many people will feel her absence, and although we have to let our little “Mega-Lou” spread her wings, she knows she’ll be missed.”

– Erin

One of my first shifts, being celebrated 🙂

The last is a poster some of the Java girls wrote on after a mini-farewell party. 

Mornings at JavaStop will not be as bright without your smilling face! Thank you Magan for all the great times! We look forward to being a part of the next chapter of your life, some back and see us!



MU Retail Food Service Family