REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc) is a family run customer cooperative run by Lloyd and Mary Anderson. REI prides itself on its 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.It is clearly a store made by nature lovers for nature lovers. It began as a small co-op in Seattle, Washington. It was created as a way for climbers to get the high quality gear they couldn’t get anywhere else. The organization has a very democratic feel and was rated top 100 best companies to work for. Employees spend time volunteering at local parks. The majority of employees that work here are experienced climbers and skiers.Employees who work for REI gain many benefits including: health care, incentive plan and paid time off. REI has many stores, its flagship store is located near downtown Seattle. Seattle has a high cost of living, but the scenery and the environment make up for it.

REI focuses on the spirit of the outdoors. Simply by walking through the doors the costumer gets a feeling that there going to get everything they need for their adventure.Although REI is ranked high on the employee happiness scale there have been a few instances of displeasure. Many former employees took to Reddit to show there discontent. In the article ” REI CEO goes on Reddit” by Wes Siler employee’s talk about the stores policy on forcing customers to buy memberships. They tell detailed stories of managers encouraging very aggressive selling techniques. REI has not responded to the comments and their CEO has stopped using Reddit. Overall it seems to me that this is a small case of unhappy employees. The majority really enjoy working at the store and reaping the many benefits of being a REI employee.

“We are passionate about the outdoors and committed to promoting environmental stewardship and increasing access to outdoor recreation through volunteerism, gear donations and financial contributions.” (REI) Whether is climbing, skiing or hiking this business is set on sharing its passion of the outdoors with its costumers. It is apparent through their contributions to the wildlife and our community.

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