About Hillary Lawson

I'm a San Diego Native fresh from completing my undergraduate degree in Clinical Nutrition at UC Davis. Currently, I am an dietetic intern in the OSU Dietetic Internship Program. Aside from being interested in nutrition, dietetics, and food in general, I am very interested in outdoor exercise and running, An interesting fact, I just completed my seventh half-marathon in under two years, and am already signed up for two more in the spring. As a California-native, I'm slowly but surely getting used to the Oregon cold front; the beautiful fall colors made it a little easier.
wide base and tall glass

Have you ever had one of those nights where you open a bottle of wine (or crack open a carton of chocolate milk) and a couple hours later it is gone. You couldn’t have had that much; you just poured one glass right? Or was it two? It must have been a smaller bottle or your friend helped you finish it quicker. It couldn’t have been the shape of your glassware… or could it?
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