My computer science progress

The final quarter:

If someone told me I’d soon be on a trajectory to begin a new career in computer science back in 2018, I doubt I would have believed them. To be clear, the thought had definitely crossed my mind during my time working as a scientist. I had tried working through some beginner-level coding coursework over the years, but it was far more overwhelming than anything else I had learned.

By the end of spring in 2019, I had drafted up an academic plan with an advisor at my local community college and let my boss know I’d be resigning that summer. My initial plan was to take the few classes I needed to complete a transfer degree and apply to a local university’s computer science program. But the COVID-19 pandemic led me down a different path; an online computer science post-baccalaureate degree at Oregon State University.

Despite my initial concerns with learning complex material strictly online, I found myself progressing more quickly and with a deeper understanding of the material than I expected. I started exploring new technologies beyond the scope of my coursework and would constantly be thinking through possible solutions to problems in my head while taking breaks from classwork. For the first time, I felt confident that I was headed down the right career path.

Tobi, our cuddly Pit Bull mix. (May, 2019)

I’ve had my fair share of stressful weeks during my time at OSU, especially while coping with the effects of the pandemic. Despite being stuck at home throughout the pandemic, one positive has been having the time to adopt and raise a second puppy, which was always the goal but logistically challenging being away most of the day.

Bruiser joined our family about one year ago, and Tobi has been the most caring and patient older brother. I can’t imagine a life without these two handsome dogs.

Bruiser, modeling for National Dog Day. (2021)

This winter quarter will be my final term and the beginning of my career in computer science. I am incredibly excited and feel that I am ready to reenter the workforce and take on the new challenges that await!