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We often hear that, ”stay motivated!” but, never actually thought why people wish us to stay motivated. Motivation is the key driving force that helps a person become dedicated to work and be successful. So, here in my blog post, I would like to share with you guys some experiences that kept me motivated to work.

Going out with friends on a Friday night, and then buying food or the need of buying a new phone for my self and bragging them in front of my family. I can that was enough motivation for me to work as time passes by I realized, that needs of a person increase and to compensate for that for those means I needed to work. Thus, I started working in restaurant. During this phase of my life Maslow was right because I need basic necessity of life such as food, shelter, security which motivated me to work. (Eniya, 2017)

Then my professional life started. I was an employee in a restaurant that was highly competitive, and employees worked hard to achieve their goals. This competitive work environment initiated the need of achievement and regard in me. When, I started carving respect, power and affiliation in my work place. In this point of my life the McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory stood right. The theory clearly explains that motivation is dived by the need of power, affiliation, and achievement. (Eniya, 2017)

Then another phase in my life started when I wanted to buy a laptop for my self. And then my desire to buy a laptop became by need. And I wanted a laptop with awesome specs, so I started doing another job and the need to buy a laptop became the motivation of my hard work. At that time I was continuously working in two different places and when I reached the end goal I bought the laptop from my salary and left the job. Because if there is no goal or need for something then there is no need of work. all of my experiences prove that when the need of a person finishes, his desire to work with motive finishes with them.

In the continuous cycle of life needs, wants, revolts, benefits, are the major driving forces that motivates us to work.

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