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This week we’ll discuss establishing requirements and more generally, expectations.

I’m currently working on a project wherein a new database is being integrated into our main application. It’s generally a straightforward process that has been cluttered with misinformation regarding the requirements for the project. The project manager and I have looked through the codebase twice, and today he basically redefined the entire task. The result was me throwing out the old work and starting from scratch. Ultimately the solution is a better one, however, the previous solution would have worked fine for now.

Part of the confusion is due to what I perceive as standard among start-up cultures. It’s part of getting a team together, iterating, and failing forward faster. It’s also incredibly frustrating! A misapplication of Agile development by people who haven’t really internalized or really even studied what Agile means. This isn’t simple trash-talk. I believe it’s a deeper problem with workplace culture and the need to show constant progress. The fact that requirements are only loosely defined, and then redefined is a symptom of this problem.

I suppose this is the time where I would offer some sort of resolution, however, I’m lacking in the ever-critical requirement of experience. This is my first experience working at a tech company and also a start-up. There could be a start-up tech company out there that also offers clear goals and also has consistent project expectations.

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