Peanut butter-butter recipe

It is indeed time to refresh some of Nora’s mainstay foods. This morning I discovered that we were nearly out of our peanut butter-butter mix. This is a quick and easy way to deliver a lot of fat and it’s perfect for delivering her crushed multivitamin (1/2 of an adult Centrum every other day. Guess what–kid’s vitamins have carbs!)

Adding the flaxseed meal adds fiber. All of the carbs in flax meal come from fiber, so adding a bit of flax doubles the fiber (0.8 g fiber per serving) without added net carbs. Sneaking in as much fiber as possible helps with the inevitable constipation on this diet. And it gives the mix a little thickness that is nice for serving.

Serve it with a few apple slivers (12-15 g gives you 2-3 thin slices, 1.5 g net carbs), or on a flacker.

Peanut butter-butter (makes about 20 tablespoons):

Recipe analyzer from Net carbs = 0.8 g

1/2 c butter (softened for easy stirring)
1/2 c natural peanut butter (I use creamy Adams)
1/4 c Flaxseed Meal

Mix well and serve. 1 Tablespoon per serving.

Net carbs = 0.8 per Tbsp

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2 thoughts on “Peanut butter-butter recipe

  1. I am very thankful to have found your website…We live in Bend, my son Charlie who is five is also on a “special diet”, we will be seeing Dr. Wray for our first keto-clinic next month. Just when I started to hit a wall with food options I found you on Pinterest. I was wondering if you know anything on Chia seeds? I know flax seeds are good, however, can’t find much on chia seeds? Just curious, it looks good on paper(label) but isn’t on any of the lists from Doernbecher, thanks for your time and your website. Our family thanks you.

    • Hi Julia, I hope Charlie is doing well on the diet! Dr. Wray is great, I feel like we owe so much of Nora’s good health to him.

      I haven’t used Chia seeds myself, but when I looked them up they look great. Do you have access to the Charlie Foundation’s ketocalculator yet? Or maybe you will get access after your keto clinic visit? That is the official place for keto diet breakdowns, but I just use labels and comparisons–if all of the labels for different brands are similar, I trust the one I have. has a database where you can look things up–just search for Chia seeds and you will see lots of options.

      Some of our recipes have stayed with us all this time, like the peanut butter recipe. We’ve tweaked it since this first recipe (like adding some coconut oil), but she still gets a version every single day with her multivitamin mixed in. In general, the newer recipes are better as I’ve gotten more experience!

      Best of luck and stay in touch! You aren’t alone and Charlie is a lucky kid!

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