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HubSpot a marketer and developer of software products for inbound marketing and sales offers several free digital marketing certifications. As a marketer, I received a recommendation to partake in a certification at HubSpot. I enrolled in the inbound marketing certification.  The course consists of eleven lessons with videos and quizzes to review your understanding and a final test to obtain your certification.

The lessons include approximately 5 hours of videos. The instructors are well trained and do a fantastic job explaining inbound marketing concepts utilizing graphics,  pictures, small quizzes and definitions for each of the lessons. Like a good learner and spent approximately 8 hours reviewing the lessons as I was taking notes to prepare for the final exam. Final exam time is 3 hours and average student time to complete the test is 60 minutes. I wasn’t on the average as I spent over 70 minutes, but most important I passed and obtained my certification.

As I mentioned before instructors are prepared and known their topics. Also, images and definitions are helpful to understand their main points. Their academy commitment teaching students can help HubSpot enhancing sells of their products. I didn’t have any frustration during the whole course as I was engaged in all lessons.

During the whole course, I learned many concepts used to enhance inbound marketing. Per example, keywords are crucial for your digital campaign, how important is to design specific landing pages to boost your goals. How the use of social media can make a difference as you can target many audiences in many sites. Lead generation and management help you to increase traffic and generate more profits. Search engine optimization enhances your title, image, content and other aspects of your campaign. The importance and use of topic cluster and pillar pages to cover all the aspects of a topic.  Conversational growth strategy where can obtain ways to adjust their campaign via conversations. SMART goals can accommodate and help your goals integrating new ideas and tools to succeed.

Also, conversions and how you can optimize your conversions to boost your customer’s experience and your revenues. Lead nurturing to engage and define your target group.  Sales Enablement and how technology can help your sales and team and the need to pair your marketing campaign to boost your sales.

Lastly how important is to polish your relationship with your customer aligning your digital campaigns making sure these are always connecting with their needs. Overall, the certification covers several main points necessary to sustain and help your campaign goals.

The inbound marketing campaign certification covers many aspects to consider to grow and sustain a good digital campaign and a business. I can see the value and totally recommend to other marketers ranking the certification with from 1 to 5 scale with a 5 and promote it with those who don’t have any knowledge in a digital campaign and inbound marketing.  HubSpot is offering the certification free and marketers can take advantage to train employees for zero cost.  It is totally recommendable for those who want to gain more tactics and tools utilized in a digital marketing campaign and strength your inbound marketing knowledge.

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