First Meetings

This marks the second week of this project. Quite a lot has happened! The broad strokes:

– My group met for the first time on Saturday. Kyle, Corey, and myself are all working professionals, and we’re all just trying to finish our last class. I’m stoked we all have similar perspectives and expectations around what needs to get done. What’s more, we’re used to working in Agile teams, so the ceremonies and protocols will be familiar to us all. I’ve got good feelings about this group! I tend to have pretty good luck with teammates in group projects in this program, and I think the trend is going to finish out this term.

– Projects got assigned! I’ll be working on a self driving simulator. I had really been gunning for this one, I spend a lot of time listening to Lex Fridman and I think it’s a very interesting problem space. To be honest, I gambled a little bit and sprung for an upgrade for my PC – doubled my RAM – in the hopes that I would need it to run the program for this assignment. I’m really looking forward to taking my new hardware for a test drive, so to speak 😛

– The project plan is due next Monday, so we need to decide very quickly on the general avenues we’re going to take. I’m leaning towards a 2D Top-Down simulation, but we’re talking about doing self driving in GTA. We’ll have to see where the chips fall.

That’s it for now. Happy coding!

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