Hello world!

Computers have been something I have always been fascinated by. The possibilities are endless when you have a functional PC and a set of peripherals. Even before starting the Computer Science program at Oregon State University, I had basic knowledge on how to operate a computer but no more that that.

The interest in wanting to learn more was always there but the issue was the lack of knowledge and experience. As I began taking classes at OSU (especially the first introductory classes), I was amazed at the new world of opportunities that have been opened up to me through the gateway that was programming. It was both beautiful and a bit frightening at the same time. The former because I had so many ideas of things I wanted to create up but could not up until that point and the latter because of being afraid I would fail in the process.

Now, having progressed through the program to currently taking my final class, I can say I have greater confidence in myself and a deeper understanding regarding programming and development as well as a hunger to discover what lies beyond this program.

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