The First Post

Here we go, its the last part of the degree. I’m excited and nervous. I’m not particularly anxious about the project that we are starting, but i’m nervous about the steps after graduation. I’m excited to see what I’m capable of in the next 3 months. The projects that i’ve browsed so far seem interesting with a few that will end up with an interesting end product.

Some that look fun are the artificial life simulator, the pet themed projects, and the security projects. The text base adventure will probably the easiest to implement, however. The artificial life simulator i’m pretty sure will be a process of finding or creating a sustainable algorithm for growth and decay, then mostly UI and graphics. Finding the algorithm may be interesting but ultimately it may be a project of making things look pretty. The pet themed ones seem interesting because there would be intrinsic motivation as I have pet. Most practically would probably be setting up the site cybersecurity. I think that is something that is extremely in demand and i’d like to see where that goes.

Ideally I’d like to work with AI and chemical computing, but cyber security also seems really interesting for future work.

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