MGMT 553 Blog 1: Best Companies to Work For

Company List

  • Stryker (8)
  • JM Family Enterprises, Inc. (26)
  • Hilcorp Energy Company (70)
  • Mars, Incorporated (98)
What Employees said:

Words like people, culture, associates, benefits, principals, responsibility. and ownership were all common employee comments between the 4 manufacturing companies I’ve selected. Employee feedback appears to be consistent with responsibility, as workers take on ownership within their roles. I believe this is turn helps build confidence among employees, thus driving an inclusive culture and sense of pride within the workplace. Employees each company also are all proud to tell others where they work, and how welcome they feel on the job. A welcoming an environment can also contribute towards better employee retention and overall satisfaction. As explained by this week’s lecture, good company culture and happy employees can help turn out better products and ensure companies can maintain a competitive edge.

Me as a manager

I think the term manager get’s a bad wrap and brings to mind the ‘boss is the boss’ mentality of an employee. I think it’s a step down from being a boss but still professional as it’s needed to separate those leaders within a team and the leader of team. There’s plenty of room at today’s companies for leaders to grow and develop within their specialized roles, but I believe there’s a distinct need for a manager. In cases where escalations are required, information from above organizations is to be passed down, or larger projects are to be broken up, the role of the manager is crucial for any team to be successful.  

In my case, while I’m not an official manager, I do oversee the operations and manager customer relationships between my company’s operations teams our contracted parts procurement team. I also stand to be the point of communication, helps needs, and in many cases their point of contact for escalations and sometimes scope. Ensuring that they’re meeting expectations as a contractor is one thing, but I strive to balance the scale to ensure things on my side aren’t impeding their success.

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  2. It is hard to read the words manager have a bad rap. I get it but I have had many good managers and strive with all of me to be that person to my team. I do think managers steer the ship of a group of people and that can be highly successful or a disaster depending on the manager. The article about Google selling managers to engineers this week is a great guide on some things that are so useful in navigating a team. Being a coach, empowering, showing interest, communicating (including much listening), furthering careers, having a strategy and carrying it out, and having skills, which bring with it respect, are all fundamentals of a great leader.

    I like how you in your current role make sure that nothing is impeding the success of the people you oversee. Being that protective barrier between your team and those who don’t have boots on the ground is so important and I am sure that your co-workers appreciate that from you!

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