Week 4 – Blog Post: Critiquing a Recruitment Ad

My own unique brand as an employee would be characterized as a forward-thinking leader who enjoys the challenge of leading people toward a common goal. I would like for a prospective employer to see that I am warm, personable, and genuine in my communication style, and that I strive to be authentic in the work that I do and the way that I interact with my team. I am goal-oriented and I understand the importance of setting appropriate expectations and then delivering on those expectations, regardless of the scope of task or assignment. However, I also pay attention to culture, and I do not lose sight of the importance of the journey in pursuit of the desired destination.

My working style is collaborative. I enjoy building consensus within a team to achieve a common goal. Joys for me are landing a big project, delivering a complex task, or working with a colleague to achieve a stated goal.

If I were to present myself in a situation wanted ad, I would probably include phrases that outline my culture and describe the kind of person that I am. I would look for ways to tie in compentencies with results. If I could get potential employers to think about what successes the company can achieve by bringing me on board, that would be the goal. So instead of analyzing me as a potential candidate, they are instead thinking about how I can help the company grow into something else altogether. Maybe a list of rhetorical questions, asking if they want to see certain characterics improve at their company, or asking if they want to have better results in ceratin markets.

The wanted ad would have to have a modern and positive look and feel to it. Maybe some pictures of me presenting and conferences or working on the job with previous employers would be helpful in setting the stage. I would close the ad by asking companies what they have to lose in bringing me in for a discussion. If I could plant seed that I wouldn’t hurt to bring me in for just a 30-minute conversation, that would give me hopefully a small opportunity to get my foot in the door.

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2 replies on “Week 4 – Blog Post: Critiquing a Recruitment Ad”

Hi Matt,
Thanks for your sharing! forward-thinking is an important character for leaders since it can lead the team better, and the team member can lean a lot for the leader and the whole process. In my opinion, maybe the forward thinking is the best important quality to be a good leader, it also involved with motivation, positivity and work performance. I agree with your idea that putting some professional picture of self in the ad, which can get more attention than words. Again, great post!

Thanks, Jesse!

I have found that having a forward thinking vision is always helpful, when it comes to working with others and attracting new people to the team. When we work in that space, we are able to respond better to the present regardless of whether or not things are going well.

Thanks for the comments!

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