Week 1 – Blog Assignment

An organization’s success is largely dictated by it’s people and their willingness to contribute to the overall company mission. In order to achieve the “willing people aspect,” an organization must ensure that it’s human resource management has the ability to efficiently and effectively utilize the employee talent presented to them. This can be identified as developing strategies and plans to manage the company’s workforce, recruitment, ethics, diversity, training, health, employee retention, wages, compensation, etc. With this long list of HR responsibilities, one might wonder what aspects are key in ensuring success and how an organization might go about balancing these components most effectively?

After reviewing the infamous Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For (2020) website, I have been able to make note on some of these specific companies human resource management practices and how they might go about achieving optimal utilization of their employee’s talent. 

Out of the hundred companies listed, I had to first investigate the number one placeholder, Hilton, to see what made them the best of the best. Hilton has earned this Fortune 100 award since 2016 due to their efforts in organizational culture, which is referred to as any shared “taken-for-granted” assumptions that members in a company have that then promotes a positive moral. At Hilton, their member’s have access to parental leave, debt-free education opportunities, and the culture of an inclusive and energized workplace allowing for better retention and attraction of likeminded employees. 

Another company that stood out to me on the Fortune 100 list was The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated (rated #12 on list). They ensure that they have a diverse workforce where all individuals are given an equal opportunity and support for success. They also create a sense of company pride through the donation of food to local non-profit established in their Nourish program allowing their employee’s contributions to be even more purposeful. 

One company, despite being the nation’s largest car retailer, placed #20 on this list by conducting themselves with “driven” integrity, honesty, and transparency nationwide. This organization is CarMax, which has been recognized by Fortune 100 for 18 years now. Here they share a similar value in giving their associates purpose in work through opportunities of volunteering with Kynd Kits, Kaboom!, and more, as well as consistent acknowledgement and rewarding stores and employees that demonstrate outstanding performances. 

From my findings, I am able to reflect on some common themes presented in a few of these companies that can be assumed to demonstrate only successful HR management practices. As a future construction project manager, I have tried to pick up on how an encouraging and rewarding management style might lead to a better company culture and employee willingness. This theme is one that I would like to promote in my workplace so that there is a greater sense of purpose and enjoyment with the job being done. I plan to try and match this to the organization’s overall mission and properly utilize the collective skills and abilities in the workforce to only further achieve it. I do recognize though, that maintaining this culture and other efforts to promote employee moral may be challenging in terms of available resources and the need to maintain a professional business structure. I think this is a fine line of being a generous and thoughtful company, while also ensuring a level of professionalism to allow for overall profitability and respect from it’s members. I believe this line might be one of the most challenging aspects a manager might face in their job, but I am willing to try and achieve it as I recognize it’s importance. 


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