Blog Post #1, Getting Started

In this blog it is my plan to write on various topics, all based around this years NBA season. I am new to the whole blogging ideas as a whole, so I hope what I produce is not too horrible or difficult to follow. More specific themes I plan on following include: best plays of the week/month, trades and trade rumors, my opinions on any controversy/news updates around the world of basketball, my opinions on age old debates such as LeBron vs Jordan, Magic vs Bird, is the draft rigged, etc. My interest in topics such as those listed above have been growing in intensity as I age. I did not start watching basketball until 2008, although I’ve played it (organized and otherwise) since I was five years old. At first it was a casual interest in just the games that may have been on TV at the time, but has sensed blossom into what some might call an obsession. I just love the sport and I can’t get enough of it.

My goals for this blog are pretty small, as it is my first attempt at doing something like this. I just hope that I enjoy doing it and that those who may read it also enjoy doing so. I realize that while basketball is a popular sport and its fan base is growing astronomically every year, there are still a good majority of people who are not interested by it in the least. That being said, the audience I hope to reach would be people as intrigued and entertained by basketball as I am. As I have said already in this blurb, I have never been a blog person and therefore my knowledge on other blogs concerning this topic or with a similar theme are pretty narrow. However, upon a fairly short search I was able to find the following blogs that are along the lines of what I would like to try and achieve: and

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