Crunch Time Part of the Quarter

Juggling multiple tasks has become a common occurrence in my daily life, from managing work, social, and academic commitments. Whether I am working on a group coding project, managing a full-time job, or focusing on friends and family, the ability to balance different priorities is crucial to success. In this blog post, I will discuss how the group coding project has been going since the last blog post and focus on React development in the last weeks of the quarter.

It’s essential to set clear priorities and goals for each task within the group. For the group coding project, it was extremely important to establish a timeline, divide tasks amongst the group members, and ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding project goals. This has prevented us from falling behind while keeping everyone accountable. While working with another team member to integrate their endpoints with my React code, clear communication channels and expectations were needed to ensure that no one in the group misunderstood anything. This is always the most difficult part of any coding project, and we hit a road bump when we misnamed our .env file, which left us scratching our heads for a few hours before we realized why I couldn’t connect to the database.

As the quarter is coming closer to a close, I’ve learned that it’s important to manage my time effectively. When working full-time and trying to meet up with friends and family, it can be challenging to find time to work on coding projects. However, by breaking down tasks into smaller, manageable components, I can make progress even with limited time. It’s also essential to be honest with your team members and communicate any scheduling conflicts or limitations you may have. I’m grateful that my group has been extremely accommodating with one another, all while being extremely effective. Additionally, it has been a nice challenge again to work with React code as it seems that I’ve taken a larger role in the group to set up a lot of the foundational front-end code.

It’s critical to stay organized. Jira has been a necessary tool for the group when balancing multiple tasks and multiple complex features. I’ve been reviewing the board every once in a while to check what the remaining tasks are. I’m happy that my group members have been very active on the Jira board because it means that they are focused on the tasks at hand. As a group, we’ve been very active on our Discord channel as well, always posting questions, updates, or pull requests that need to be reviewed. This has ensured that new code is constantly being reviewed and ensures that little code is breaking.

Balancing two group coding projects, full-time work, and trying to learn React code can be challenging. However, by setting clear priorities, managing my time effectively, and staying organized, I can continue to make great progress. It’s okay to ask for help, and don’t be afraid to delegate tasks or adjust the project timeline as needed. With the right approach, anyone can balance multiple tasks and achieve their goals.

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