Early Weeks of CS467

It’s been a pretty hectic few weeks with my day job, my database course, and
last but not least the capstone class! Nonetheless, it has been extremely
exciting going through the process of choosing a project to work on for the
remainder part of the quarter and working with my group to plan the initial
parts of the project. My group has been an absolute pleasure to work with right
from the start, everyone was extremely helpful and made time to have productive
weekly status calls. At the surface level, our assigned project seems pretty
simple but after a long discussion we had a list of stretch goals of some
awesome features we would like to work on. This was the first time working with
a group where everyone was within an hour time zone, being CST and EST, which made communication a breeze.

To kick it off, we were assigned to draft a team standards document (to capture how our team will interact and communicate with one another) and create an initial project plan. Right off the bat, I could tell the group was going to work well together as we worked through the team’s standards document. Members were not afraid to speak up about their ideas but at the same time everyone was respectful of all suggestions that were presented in the discussion. Up next, we had the project plan which took a much more considerable time discussing and splitting the various sections of the plan. As a group, we easily spent at least 5 hours together brainstorming and reviewing each other’s work. Personally, I spent at least 5 hours outside of the group to meaningfully come up with tasks and determining how to logically break up the work among the group members. I think the additional time invested in the plan will pay dividends later on.

Looking ahead, I’m really excited to utilize some of my product manager
skills in setting up the tasks for our group and begin laying out the initial
foundation for the front end client of the project. It has been a while since I
worked with React but this project will give me the opportunity to practice my
front-end development skills. I look forward to working with my group and
seeing our efforts bring our project alive.

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