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Utilization of HR in Major Companies

The role of Human Resource Management is becoming more and more pivotal in sculpting the success of growing organizations. Through research, I have explored how a few leading companies like American Express, CarMax, and NVIDIA practice Human Resource Management, what kind of manager I will want to be based off employee comments of these companies, and the potential challenges that may come when taking on this role in the future.

American Express was placed at number 9 in “Fortunes 100 Best Places to Work For 2020.” American Express stands out with 92% of employees describing working at the company as a great place to work, far exceeding the U.S. average. American Express highlights some of its key components regarding its high employee satisfaction. These include how a large majority of employees are proud to work there, appreciate the honest and ethical management, and have the flexibility to manage their time.

CarMax was another company I looked into, placing number 20 in “Fortunes 100 Best Places to Work For 2020.” CarMax has 83% of its employees stating that it is a great place to work. The company prioritizes employees by making new hires feel welcome, getting employees to admire the honesty and ethical management, and prioritizing a healthy work-life balance for employees.

NVIDIA was the third company I looked into, which placed 27 in “Fortunes 100 Best Places to Work For 2020.” NVIDIA prioritizes the company’s HR practices by believing layoff as a very last resort, getting employees to trust the honesty and ethical HR management practices, and getting employees to be strongly confident in the competence of the HR’s leadership.

Based off the companies I looked into, I inspire to be a manager who values employees wellbeing, valuing and prioritizing ethical leadership, and having a customer-centric mindset. I aspire to create a workplace where employees feel that every team member is valued fairly and equally. I also want to create a workplace where employees feel motivated and included in order to achieve their best within the company’s workplace.

Pursing this managerial path will inevitably come with its challenges and struggles. Prioritizing organizational goals and managing individuals needs within a team are two of the most critical aspects that will be required in order to approach potential challenges in the future.