My OSU Journey

Finishing up my senior year has been crazy. My whole college experience has been.

First, I wanted to do Engineering Physics because I loved Physics. I realized that was too theoretical, so I majored in Mechanical Engineering (ME) because I wanted to work in Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles. I was taking classes at Portland Community College (PCC). I learned I needed a background in ME and CS to do Robotics, so I double majored in ME and CS.

After 1.5 years at PCC, I planned to transfer to Portland State (PSU) in the Fall. In February 2020, I was accepted and met with my academic advisor. Then, COVID hit. This is when I double majored. I wanted to get the “college experience” at PSU, but that disappeared for the year I was there.

I wanted something better when I was at PSU. I didn’t see a point in being on campus because I didn’t know how long COVID would last. I wanted more CS elective options. I also realized it would take a really long time double majoring in ME and CS, so I dropped ME and transferred to OSU as just a CS major.

Once at OSU, my dad suggested getting into cybersecurity. So, I majored in CS and cybersecurity. There is a lot of overlap. I decided to take an extra year to take all my cyber classes. My parents were supportive of my decision.

Now, I want to try Product Management. I share all this to say: Be open to new ideas. Try new things. You don’t know what will work.

Just in university, I have gone through 5 careers. This is the new normal for us college graduates. My dad went through multiple career changes in a lifetime. I have done that just in my college years.

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