Winter Term – Blog Post #2

  • What is your most favorite technology? Least favorite?

My favorite technology is Flutter. I’m learning how powerful the tool is and it’s exciting to see it being updated and becoming a more sophisticated development platform. I don’t have a least favorite technology right now. The two tools I’m using are FlutterFlow and Asana. Both are great and useful.

  • What technology did you have difficulty learning, but now appreciate?

FlutterFlow was by far the most challenging technology to learn. There is a lot of sophisticated functionality which gives it a steep learning curve. I get help from my project mentor and he has been instrumental in helping me appreciate FlutterFlow. He has spent hundreds of hours learning the software, so he has been a life saver for this project.

  • What would you change about any of the technologies you used?

I would not change FlutterFlow so much as change the tutorials. The tutorials are fast, assume you are comfortable with FlutterFlow, and don’t explain how to structure the app when developing.

  • Which technology had the most difficult learning curve? Easiest?

As I mentioned earlier, FlutterFlow had the steepest learning curve. It is a new technology and is being updated weekly. FlutterFlow tutorials are complex and assume you have a working knowledge of the platform before the videos start. This can be frustrating. Even though it is a drag and drop interface for app development, you still need a CS background to use the platform. If not, it is very difficult to learn.

  • If you could start over, what technologies would you use instead of the ones you are using?

I would not use different technologies. My team started preparing for this project in August. We researched different app development platforms and decided on FlutterFlow. This gave us a clear idea of the learning curve, how much work was involved, and to level set expectations. I understood the work load and amount of time I would spend on this project.

  • What technology do you wish had been included in your tech stack?

I wish I included Figma in the tech stack. I would design the UI/UX on Figma first, then develop the app on FlutterFlow. This would help me save time because I was designing and developing simultaneously. We are done with the design part and now developing.

  • In your own words, describe how your favorite technology works.

FlutterFlow is an online drag and drop interface to visually build mobile apps without writing code.

Include images wherever necessary (pics of hand-drawn images work fine).

Below is an example of the UI of the app development environment.

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