Blog Post #3

  • Your project – Successes, Fails, Struggles, Why’s and How’s, Plans and Detours…

The last few weeks of working on the project has been about writing the design document, designing the system architecture, and developing the functional area details.

  • Feedback on this course

This has been my favorite course this term!!! One of my favorites at OSU!!!

  • New technologies

New technologies I’m following are DALL-E and GitHub Copilot. They are AI-based tools that have the potential to disrupt lots of areas.

  • Technologies you are using

Technology I am using is Figma, DART, and Flutter for app development. Most of the materials I am using right now are NIST AI RMF, NIST AI RMF Playbook, and other international AI risk management frameworks.

  • Life hacks – How to handle stress/teammates/classwork/being stuck/etc

It’s not a life hack, but learn how to prioritize your time. Decide what is the most important task that needs to get done right now.

My last piece of advice is to not be hard on yourself. Things happen and do your best to adapt and move on.

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