Margaux’s Blog Post #2

Project Updates

It’s been about a month into taking this course and I’ve learned so much. My successes have been connecting with Prof. Pfeil and Mr. Mulanda, being ahead in the project, and structuring the product. There hasn’t been a fail yet, but there have been struggles. The struggles have been about how to architect the app and operationalize the descriptive framework. The Principal Engineer and I are attending the next AI RMF talk so we can plan and structure the app better.

Course Feedback

This has been my favorite course so far in at OSU. I love the creativity, flexibility, and ability to apply things I’ve learned so far. The project descriptions are clear and understandable. Prof. Pfeil’s examples are invaluable in developing the product plans and reports.

Career/Job Hunt Updates

As for my career/job hunt, I’m updating my resume and will be applying for jobs very soon. I’m also attending the OSU Job Fair this week. This will be my first one, so I’m excited. I think it will be overwhelming with all the students, recruiters, and companies.

New Tech

I wouldn’t say there are new technologies I’m using, but I’m stunned by the number of start-ups that are doing AI auditing and AI risk management. These are new companies providing auditing services for consumer AI products. This shows how fast things are changing and growing.

Tech Being Used

The technology I’m using a lot right now is Asana. I’m using their Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) document. I’m spending a lot of time on it and getting very comfortable with the SRS document.

A Life Hack

A life hack I’m using is taking a Yoga Pilates Fusion course. I’m taking this class as part of the general education requirements, but it’s really helpful. I have lowered my heart rate, slowed down my breathing, and been sleeping better at night. I encourage everyone to try it :).

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