Capstone Project

Hi there! Welcome to my third blog post. In this post, I will share about my progress of the current capstone project. To begin with, my project is to design and develop an ‘Animal Dating App for Adoption’. The title sounds like a cool project, right? That’s why I chose it πŸ˜‰ Also, I love to work with React and build a web application. So, that’s another reason πŸ™‚

My contribution to this project would be in building a backend. That’s build databases and implementation of APIs. As a first step to the project, we have to decide what database should we choose. The first thing that came to my mind was to go with a MySQL database. But upon further research, we decided to go with DynamoDB to leverage all the advantages it had. To give something, DynamoDB is easy to setup and it’s free.

Ok, we decided to use DynamoDB. Now what, how am I gonna configure and construct the tables? I was looking at several videos and lectures from Coursera and other platforms. There were a lot of different ways to set it up. One way was to manually configure it and add lambda functions to get and put data, from the UI. That didn’t feel good to me. It would be difficult to maintain the DB, when every time we have to login to AWS and look into different tables and associated functions etc.

And the other way was to use CloudFormation. CloudFormation is a services for creation and management of AWS resources. It lets you write a YAML/JSON file, where we would state all the resources that we need, lambda functions, Databases, API, IAM roles, literally every resource that you would need to for the application stack. It also allows you to change the state of the resources and version control of the serverless infrastructure. This sounded like a good way to go. I liked how we build and maintain the entire infrastructure as a code.

Awesome. The next thing I was looking for is how to create this YAML file. Serverless framework to develop, deploy the application was the perfect choice. After installing serverless and configuring my AWS account using IAM access key and secret, I was able to create a boilerplate template easily. That’s it. The next thing would be edit the YAML template to configure the required resources and deploy it using a single command.

Sounds cool and really easy right? I have the boilerplate template set up and as my next task I would be configuring my database and deploy it. I’ll update my progress in my next blog post.


Blog Post #2

Hi there, it’s me Aish again. In this blog, I want to share about my experience in getting a full time job as a Software Developer. I’ll also share about my learnings and projects that helped me to land a job at Expedia Group.

First thing, I structured the order of courses in such a way that I get the skills early enough to try for internships. I took all basic courses like CS Fundamentals, Data structures, Algorithm and also took web development course to start with small projects and hosted them in Github. I learnt Express.js, Node.js and HTML in the web development course. But, in parallel, I also started researching about latest web technologies and enrolled myself in React.js offered by Udemy. At the end of the course, I had completed two portfolio projects:

  • Burger Builder Web Application – React.js and Firebase Auth API, storage
  • Static website for small restaurant – HTML, Node.js and Express.js

In order to prepare for internships and interviews, I took Introduction to Databases and Mobile & Cloud Software Development courses next. I gained my skills in SQL databases and worked on building two other portfolio project.

  • Generic Toursim Website – MySQL DB, HTML, Node.js and Express.js
  • Wastegram – Mobile App to track the wasted food from restaurants – Flutter

I wanted to update my skills in databases and wanted to expand my knowledge in AWS. This made me enroll in Cloud Developer course by Udacity. I learnt the basic services by AWS and put together everything I learned in the form of a project. I built a small version of photo album app, using React.js. I created a GraphQL API using AWS AppSync for accessing photos stored in S3 and let users upload and deleted photos. I also handled the user signup and authentication using AWS Cognito.

  • Multi-User Photo Album Application – React.js, AWS, GraphQL
  • Todo List – React.js, AWS Lambda, Serverless framework
  • Udagram – Instagram on AWS – React.js, REST API, Travis CI, Docker, AWS EKS

These portfolio projects made my resume strong and helped me gain some interviews. I got summer internship at Expedia Group (EG), but COVID-19 had some other plans. Lol. I couldn’t join EG, but I landed as a full-stack intern at a startup called Heirloom, where I worked in building client facing components of the product using React.js. Reading the blog so far, you would have realized that I used React.js in almost all my projects. Yes, that’s my favorite πŸ˜€

I luckily got an opportunity to interview at EG again, but this time, for a full-time role. I successfully cleared the interviews and joined EG two months back. My job requires me to build tools for EG developers using open source platform called, Backstage.

Persistent effort and updating myself with latest technologies helped me to land this job. I look forward to grow in my field with specialization in backend.

Thanks for reading. Hope this was useful, if you’re hunting for a job in the field of CS πŸ™‚

Aishwarya’s Blog

Hi, I’m Aishwarya. You can call me as Aish, in short πŸ™‚ I’m a graduate of Electronics and Instrumentation and worked as a consultant for SAP services. My interest in Computer Science started to develop when I met my husband. He is a software engineer at AWS and when I saw him building features and projects that millions of people use, I got so inspired. I started to take few Python lessons and ended up enrolling in Computer Science at Oregon State University.

I also completed Cloud Nano degree Program by Udacity, where I got to learn about different AWS services and built a little version of Amazon Photos. This project got me an internship at a startup called, Heirloom. I worked as a full stack engineering intern for a couple of months, building client facing components of the product. Then, I got a full-time job as an SDE at Expedia Group. My work involves in building tools to aid the developers at Expedia Group.

I’m aiming to develop my skills in AWS and gain technical expertise in backend development. My goal in the future is to contribute to a software that millions of people use in their daily life. With that said, I also want to be an inspiration for other students, share my knowledge and guide them, like how my husband was for me. This is kinda like a stretch goal, but yeah, will be happy if that happens πŸ˜€

I like to work with is React.js and Node.js. Most of my web development projects are built using them. One of my favorite is the Multi-User Photo Album Application, where I got an opportunity to put my knowledge in AWS to action. I created a GraphQL API to let users upload and delete photos. This project also used AWS AppSync for accessing photos stored in S3. Also, I used AWS Lambda to show the photos as thumbnails. Overall this project was a great learning for me, especially in the backend side.

It’s been three years since I joined this degree at OSU. I have completed all other courseworks and Online Capstone Project is my final course to complete before graduation. Web Development, Introduction to Databases and Mobile and Cloud Software Development were some of my favorite courses. I had so much fun working with the team and I hope for the same in this course too!

I’m hoping to utilize my skills in this in Capstone Project. So my pick of project would be something that involves mobile or web development with some strong backend work. I think ‘Dating App for animal adoption’, ‘Help Save Craigslist’, ‘Bike Collective’ would be perfect.

Finally, apart from professional life, I enjoy hiking. I have started to develop an interest in winter hikes. I also snowshoeing and looking forward to take ski lessons this winter. Β This is a picture of me snowshoeing at Steven’s Pass.

I also like to do acrylic painting, kickboxing and cooking. This is one of my recent painting that I followed from a Youtube tutorial.

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