Primary Reference

Ecology and Management of Eastern Oregon Forests serves as the optional, but highly recommended, textbook for this series.

Written by an experienced team of Eastern Oregon Extension experts, Manual 12 provides an excellent overview of the region’s forests and their management implications. 240 pages with over 200 full color photos and illustrations. See below for a list of chapters.

Copies are available from the Union County OSU Extension Office for $44 (including shipping). Complete and mail this order form, along with your check, to obtain your copy. Supplies limited. Allow approximately two weeks for processing and delivery (once we receive your order).

Chapters include:

  • Understanding eastside forest types
  • Silvicultural systems for eastside forests
  • Managing ponderosa pine
  • Managing lodgepole pine
  • Managing mixed-conifer forests
  • Reforestation methods and vegetation control
  • Eastside conifer pests and their management
  • Managing forest forage values
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Harvesting and access
  • Reducing fuels and fire risk
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