Feb 2016IMG_2489

Katherine Wasson, PhD,
Loyola University, Chicago, IL

During her stay Katie gave a talk sponsored by The Hundere Endowment: “The Pros and Cons of Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing.” At right: Katie with her husband David Cook.







July 201511755256_10154043015118916_3779254401043632920_n

Mark Tschaepe, PhD
Prairie View A&M University, Houston, TX
Division of Social Work, Behavioral, and Political Sciences,

During his stay Mark gave two presentations:

The first featured OSU guests Susan Shaw, Director of the School of Language, Culture, and Society; Bradley Boovy, faculty, WGSS; Chris Lenn, staff, Office of Equity and Inclusion; graduate students Amber Moody and Raquel Rosario Sanchez, and Marisa Chappell, faculty, History. His presentation was focused on Prison Sexual Violence and you can view the slides here:  A Noxious Injustice as Punishment. 

The second presentation was based on his paper “The Student as Philosopher-Scientist” (you can download the paper from a collection of his work here). Discussants included Rob Figueroa, Jonathan Kaplan, and Stephanie Jenkins from the OSU Philosophy program; Mike O’Malley from the School of Education;  Sione Filimoehala, Phronesis co-founder; and Eric Wright, Principal of College Hill high school. Check here for some photos of the event.


May 201511357266_10153880770478916_5869380970119188989_o

Ute Stoltenberg, PhD

Leuphana Universität, Lüneburg

Pictured with OSU philosopher, Barbara Maraca, and mini dachshund, Frankie.

Professor Stotenberg gave a presentation to OSU Service Learning faculty.





April 2015

photoMassimo Pigliucci, PhD
CUNY Graduate School

Professor Pigliucci lectured in our Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen series, with a presentation titled “Pseudoscience: Exploiting Public Trust.” See photos from his visit here and a link to his talk, here.








February 2015StaceyRitzDoor

Stacey Ritz, PhD
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Professor Ritz lectured in our Philosopher.Scientist.Citizen series, with a presentation titled “On the integration of sex and gender considerations in basic experimental biomedical research.” See photos from her visit here.




January 2015

Alan Richardson, PhDAlanRichardsonDoor
Dept of Philosophy,
University of British Columbia

You can see his guest lecture “Signal Achievements: On Reichenbach and Radio” here, and photos of his visit, here.







August 2014photo


Christian Matheis, PhD candidate, ASPECT program, Virginia Tech.

Isaac Magana, MS candidate, Information Technology, Virginia Tech.

During their stay Christian readied his application materials for the job market.






Our first guests!
Our first guests!


June 2014


Mette Smølz Skau, mental health clinician, San Francisco, CA

Rasmus GrØnfeldt Winther, philosopher, University of California Santa Cruz, CA

During their stay, Jon and Rasmus put the finishing touches on their co-authored essay for the journal Philosophy of Science, titled “Realism, antirealism, and instrumentalism about race.” Check out more of their collaborations on “race” and racism for the Phronesis Lab here.