Capstone: Finally here!

Feels awesome to finally finish something. It feels awesome to graduate from college. I think it will feel extra awesome to graduate from college with a BS in Computer Science. But hey, for me it feels extra awesome to finally be here in capstone and I’ll tell you why.

I actually started my computer science journey back in the spring of 2014. My original plan was to get a Masters in CS, and in order to apply to the Masters program at my local university, I first had to complete a whole bunch of remedial courses in computer science and math. I clearly remember that Spring semester of 2014. Oh yes, my first ever exposure to programming and it was in C++ (eek). That Spring semester, my son was also born and I remember taking my laptop to the hospital to complete them programming assignments lol. That spring, I had work, a newborn and CS/math classes; I was exhausted.

I ended up completing about half of the remedial courses when my wife started having health issues; needing multiple major surgeries. Because of my wife’s health, work, parental responsibility and the rigors of CS, I decided to put my academic plans on hold.

Returning to school was regularly on my mind. However, that MSCS seemed more and more out of reach. Thankfully, I found OSU. I actually found OSU’s post bacc in CS a year and a half before actually applying. I always had the listed classes saved on my phone and I would always look at them. And yes, I would look at the very last class… capstone and think “it must feel nice to finally be on the last class” and here I am. I still don’t know if I want to actually go into tech, but I really needed to finish this and get closure. I’ll complete this degree on the 9th anniversary my son was born. feels good.

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