Mindblown: a blog about Capstone

  • EarPods: Focus and Productivity part 2

    I was going to write something totally different today, but, in this week’s lecture (CS-467 week 7) I saw a TED talk by presentation expert David JP Phillips that motivated me to return to an old post. In the first part of this post I talked about how wearing EarPods(or just listening to something) has […]

  • Capstone Project and Working in a Team

    Programming is a satisfying process. Something about grabbing a cup of coffee and sitting down in front of a computer to work on a programming assignment; either personal or for school (haven’t done it professionally yet). But the vast majority of my past programming projects have been solo; till now of course. I am realizing […]

  • EarPods: Focus and Productivity

    I’ve been working on OSU’s post-bacc in CS for the last 2 years. Sure, whenever I sit down to work on assignments (or more precisely, programming assignments) I have my MacBook Pro connected to an external monitor. And sure, I also have a mechanical keyboard that’s pleasant to type on. But I feel like what […]

  • Capstone: Finally here!

    Feels awesome to finally finish something. It feels awesome to graduate from college. I think it will feel extra awesome to graduate from college with a BS in Computer Science. But hey, for me it feels extra awesome to finally be here in capstone and I’ll tell you why. I actually started my computer science […]