5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversions

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A landing page may be the first thing a potential customer sees belonging to your company, thus it is crucial that it is designed strategically to drive consumers to complete the primary call-to-action. If you want a customer to purchase a particular product, subscribe to a service, or call a phone number, the landing page should facilitate ease and persuasion in doing so. While aesthetic aspects of your landing page can be helpful and pleasing to a customer, it is more important than the functionality of the landing page effectively leads the consumer to conversion. Here are five ways a landing page can be designed to increase consumer conversions:


These acronyms stand for “Never Build A Landing Page Without A Campaign Goal” and “Never Start A Marketing Campaign Without A Dedicated Landing Page” (Gardner). These two principles stand as the foundation to ensuring a marketing campaign and its landing page are consistent and thus successful. First, determine the purpose of your marketing campaign. Next, design your landing page in a way that helps achieve this purpose. These two principles go hand and hand and a successful marketing campaign must have both components solidified.

Understand User Behavior

Nothing truly puts a landing page to the test until it is actually tested out. In order to improve your landing page, you must be able to identify any issues affecting conversions or deviations from the marketing goal. To do this, insight tools may be used to get a better understanding of how customers are interacting with your landing page, allowing you to analyze whether the call-to-action is being achieved (Dopson). If it is not and conversions are low, reevaluate the landing page and make changes that will make the call-to-action clearer and more enticing to consumers.

Lower the Attention Ratio

According to landing page expert Oli Gardner, the lower the attention ratio, the higher the conversion rates (Gardner). When visiting your landing page, consumers should be able to clearly identify what they want to do. If there are inappropriate distractions for your particular landing page type, consumers will be more easily distracted and have to think harder about what they need to do, sometimes resulting in no conversion. For example, if your goal is to sell a particular product on your landing page, including a list of other products they may like may distract them from this call-to-action. The attention ratio should be as close to 1:1 as possible to increase the conversion rate.

Include Trust Symbols

You have successfully enticed a consumer enough to land on your landing page, great! Now, how are you going to persuade them to complete the primary call-to-action? For several types of landing pages, trust symbols can be very beneficial. These can include any product or company awards, customer reviews, testimonials, instructional videos, and anything else that puts your product in a positive light. As said by Jonathan Aufray, co-founder and CEO of Growth Hackers, “customers trust other customers. Users trust other users. People trust other people” (Dopson). If customers have a reason to trust your company and the product, they will be more likely to undergo conversion.

Design the Landing Page With the Target Market in Mind

Finally, your landing page should be appealing to the people that matter most in the campaign: the target market. This will look different depending on the type of product and type of landing page. Regardless, the landing page should be consistent with the initial ad, as well as segmented properly based on the target audience (Scherer). The landing page needs to communicate to the potential customer why they are there and why they should complete a particular action. Different consumers will respond to different persuasion tactics, thus it is important that the landing page is designed in a way that appeals to the intended ad audience (Wilson).


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