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this is my first post 

im zhaoxiang lai, one of my interest is to make friend, work out in the gym and also play computer games with my friends. the reason got me to start with computers is back to a few years ago, I saw an advertisement on Nvidia, sharing to people how they make a graphic card and telling people how powerful their graphics card are, I started to be very interested in computer. however, the reason why I end up in computer science is I was amazed by programming. programming allows the programmer to create things we want and I thought it is very interesting.

Currently, I still looking for an internship to explore more on the field of computer science.

one of my favourite technology will be python coding. I feel Python is very friendly to the programmer.

one of my favourite listed projects will be car counting system. i was very curious to find out how the real-world application could highlight and identify the plate number of the car.

i am a normal full-time student and not much story to share for the journey with OSU, what i have is just study, play and sleep.

I hope I could work with someone who has a lot of experience with real-world application, I will definitely ask a lot of question from them since I haven’t had an intern. I will also learn some attitude and problem-solving skills from them