Last Post for Course

The course was very enjoyable and wish more online course were designed the same way. Before taking, this course I’ve recognized the gender bias that goes on throughout the world, but this course opened my eyes to every more bias I never knew existed. I’ve learned there is a program for girls in math, science and tech (STEM). Including the gender bias in the tech world, products made that are geared to different genders and the need for more women to see the truth, that women are still being left behind, which will be changed. Learning WordPress was a great experience and will be using WordPress for my online art portfolio and many other ideas to post online. Thank you.

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Completed Gender Lens

I enjoyed working on this project and learn a lot about remote controls and TVs. I did find out their the United States does make TVs and that company is named “Element Electronics” and formed in 2012.

I ran my project through the Plagiarism check, and need to update information on my paper.

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I’ve acquired more information on the gender project on the TV remote control and will be posting more information to my blog. All is going good.

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Progress on Gender Lens Project: Television Remote Control

I chose the Television remote control as my Gender Lens project and found information for my project at the OSU library. I found the history of the of the Television remote control very interesting and how the first TV remote control only contained 3 buttons and today remotes TV remote controls contain many buttons. My favorite chose to compose my bibliography is and it’s free.

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Culture Project Update and Using the Plagiarism Check

I finished my project, but ran into a few problems when trying to ebbed a video into my blog. I ended up only placing photos into my blog pages. I used the plagiarism check site and it worked out fine with no problems.

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Update Project

I’ve had a few problems work on the project in which I was only able to find a few lines of information on Ayah Bdeir childhood. I did find some great information on the Lebanese culture from the book Ethnicity & Family Therapy, which goes into great details of many other cultural traditions.  I did run into a problem with rearranging the pages on my website and I am still looking into it. I am presently updating my project and will be completed by next week.

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Ayah Bdeir – Creator of LittleBites a gender-neutral toy

Ayah Bdeir is an interactive artist/engineer and received her masters degree at MIT Media Lab. Ayah was born in Montreal, Canada in 1982 and lived in Lebanon, Canada and the Untied States. Presently she now lives in New York where she started up company LittleBits is located.

The product LittleBits are small circuit boards, which contain different components of sound, light and movement that lock together with magnets. LittleBits gives children more creative and doesn’t have to hold a degree in engineering. LittleBits are designed to be gender neutral according to Ayah,

The circuit boards are white. We’re some of the first people that made circuit boards that are white because it’s less alienating. Usually they’re green — they just look a lot like electronics, and they have a history of being attached to that. So we wanted to start out with a new language. All the colors are very gender-neutral.”CNN Money

LittleBits is a true beginning to children’s ideas for the future, and especially for girls.

The website used to locate Ayah Bdeir was found at Women Role Models Project. I choose Ayah Bdeir after watching the video TED. Ayah Bdeir idea is brilliant on not having to be an engineering to create designs using LitteBits. LittleBits makes children more creative and can lead girls into the right path.

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RSS link to blog

The first step, I began the news feed by going to my Google account to add “gender technology” to my personalized Google News page, and adding news sources for my RSS link. Next, I clicked on “gender technology” under the heading news, and scrolling down to the bottom of the page to click on the RSS feed link, and copied the RSS address. Then, in WordPress under RSS link was pasted in the RSS feed box and saved. Everything worked out and did not encounter any problems.

What I learned about gender issues from the RSS feed is 62 percent of women living in Morocco have been a victim of violence in the article Moroccan women take to street, demand constitutional guarantee of gender equality by Agence France-Presse. Moroccan women marched in the streets to demanding equality, which is stated in Morocco’s 2011 constitution Article 19 gives the right that women and men enjoy equality in political, economic, footing civil, cultural rights, environmental rights and freedoms. Moroccan women are not receiving these rights, due to the Islamist-led government not applying these rights.

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Week 2 Set Up

WordPress is a user friendly website for building blog/website. I’ve used WordPress in the past and enjoyed using it, since it is much easy than using Dreamweaver. How many characters can be used in a WordPress blog?

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Week 1 Recap

1. Setting up a blog was easily done and the instructions were also easy to follow in completing the blog. To start a blog, I chose to use the OSU’s WordPress, since I was only going to use the blogs for this course. I enjoyed putting together a new blog.

2. Setting up an email signature worked fine, which I did not encounter any problems.

3. I disliked listening to web pages with the computer’s text-to speech function. I prefer to read the text myself. The speech function was hypnotic and was unable to focus on the article.




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