Phoning it in

Knowing that I’m entitled to drop a post, and being late in the evening on the night I have to turn it in, I’m inclined (as the title states) to “phone it in.” I’ll post my thoughts for posterity and move on.

This is a little counterintuitive–if I plug in a 0 for this blog, my grade goes up. Compare:

With a 0

It’s obviously not in my best interest to do too well on this post.

I am enjoying this class. Our project is in a somewhat disastrous stage at the moment, and I have had to work hard to figure out how to handle it. I’m not confident it is going to work out, but I didn’t come here to get grades. I came to learn, and I am learning.

One thing that has reduced my stress considerably is the very recent (yesterday) discovery of json-server. This allows me to easily set up working APIs so I can work on any part of the app regardless of the status of the back end. This is a fantastic discovery and I’m sure I will be using this a lot in the future.

My wife will be glad when I’m done with this class.

I was walking today at lunch and thinking that this class is the best way for me to learn. That made me think that OSU should offer more of these classes, but then it occurred to me that (obviously) I can do the same thing without it being attached to a school. This class gives me motivation to pick up more projects.

I have one class left after this. I haven’t decided for sure what I will take, but hearing that Cloud Development is really mostly about making APIs, I think that will be the one I need. I’ve learned a lot about APIs this quarter, but if I don’t start building them it will go to wasted.

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