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  • Phoning it in

    Phoning it in

    Knowing that I’m entitled to drop a post, and being late in the evening on the night I have to turn it in, I’m inclined (as the title states) to “phone it in.” I’ll post my thoughts for posterity and move on. This is a little counterintuitive–if I plug in a 0 for this blog,…

  • I Amuse Myself

    I Amuse Myself

    I’m spending a lot of time on the project, and enjoying a lot of that time. There have been some extended periods of frustration, though. It’s usually when I’m trying to accomplish something that I thought would be simple but it turns out otherwise. I had such an experience yesterday: I was trying to make…

  • Git Adventures

    Git Adventures

    I have been using Bitbucket at work almost daily for the last year. I have been using GitHub for school and for the occasional personal project for longer than that. Last night I learned just how dependent I am on the graphic user interfaces available in those programs. I have occasionally gotten in a jam…

  • Blog Post #1

    Blog Post #1

    In the spirit of starting with low expectations so I can exceed them, I have crafted the most boring title possible for this post. It’s all uphill from here. After a midlife career change, I decided that going back to college was the best way to become a better web developer, and enrolled at Oregon…

  • Day 0

    Day 0

    This is the “getting started” post for my blog. It will serve as a placeholder for the moment.