Blog Post #3

As the term comes to an end, it is a good time to reflect on what we have learned, both within our project groups and in other classes. My overarching goal with this computer science degree is to dig deeper into data science. I have always been fascinated by statistics and the stories that they tell.

This term, I learned how to use sci-kit learn. This is a Python library which uses machine learning to apply a basic model to datasets. I also learned how to use pandas, also a library, to turn data into dataframes. Learning these libraries well is a good start to learning data science.

I also learned that statistics is really important, possible more than coding, for being “good” at data science. Luckily for me, I have always been pretty good at stats, and want to take more statistics classes to deepen my understanding. My next goal is to start learning some statistics outside of school as well.

One long term goal I have is to update my GitHub and post some projects to there. I especially need to update it with recent data science projects as well as some other development projects.

– Mitch

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