Job Descriptions

The last job I had was on campus as a Peer Advisor for the College of Business Advising Office. My experience on the job matched the job description very closely and better than I expected. I understood that I was going to assist the advisors with their appointments but scheduling appointments for them. I also knew that I was going to need to know more about the College of Business and the different majors to assist first-year students with registration. I have provided a screenshot of the job description that I was provided with below. It was similar in ways where I was trained to assist undergraduate students, faculty, and the public, person, Zoom, and via phone and email. That was done for the majority of working as a Peer Advisor, I also got trained and actually performed maintained the advisor schedules, scheduled appointments, and scanned data for archives. I also needed to familiarize myself with the ability to answer questions regarding programs with the COB which included their majors as I mentioned before. I also assisted first-year students with registration, again as I mentioned before. The only ways that were slightly different which I didn’t mind because I got scared about it, were scanning, photocopying, faxing, and processing mail, we didn’t really do tasks unless maybe once or twice. For the computer tasks and various software applications, this was different because although I never used Outlook Calendar as often outside of work, this was the only software that was used during work every day. Overall, I understood that the job was about administrative work and the job duties provided gave me a glimpse of what to expect, it gave me a clear understanding of what my experience would be on the job.

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