Experience with Discrimination

The outstanding claims of discrimination would definitely change the way I feel about the company because I already had an idea of who they were and what they brought into my life. But hearing about the discrimination claims towards an ethnicity, culture, or belief system that I associate with, that would make me feel disgusted and upset. It may not be targeted directly to me but I do take culture and belief seriously when it comes to my family and friends and whatever I get involved with. It may not have to be this company, it could be a restaurant, or a music artist. 

It would influence my decision to support the company because as I mentioned above, I take this seriously and if I were to support the company, it’s saying that I support what they are doing and agree with their discrimination claims. Even if the company was family-owned, personally I would talk about it to them and if nothing changes, then I’d have to disassociate myself or take matters into my own hands and make sure others know I am not supporting them or agreeing with them. 

It would not change whether or not I apply to work for that company in the future, as I mentioned above, I would talk to them about it. If nothing changes, I would take matters into my own hands and try to be better than the company and let the public know that. For example, I was watching this show on Netflix and it was about a law firm. Within that law firm, they discriminated against and “bullied” a certain race. Long story short, nothing got resolved so a senior partner quit and the other employees being discriminated against put it out to the world in the New York Times that the law firm discriminates.

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  1. Tanner Brannan Avatar
    Tanner Brannan

    Hello Kiana,

    Your sentiment regarding no longer supporting a business or company engaged in discriminatory practices seems very sensible as it is the primary recourse the general public has against organizations who do this. While those more directly effected may have legal action at their disposal to seek recompense, your average person will need to use what they have available to “punish” them, that being their monetary and moral support. It is that consumer power that in large part, when wielded appropriately, can keep companies vigilant about any potential discriminatory policies or persons in their business. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

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