Week 1: HR Practices

So far, from what I read about the 3-4 companies that I chose, they practice HR by being honest and ethical with their business practices, approachable and easy to talk to, contributions to the community, and delivering excellent service to customers. They also practice HR by not breathing on the necks of their workers but trusting them with their own responsibilities, along with workers being given a lot of responsibilities. From what I have read about these companies and what I heard in the lecture slides, I see that these companies focus on managing ethics and employee engagement. They are seen as ethical in their business processes, transactions, and practices throughout the company. I also notice that their employees feel seen and heard and equipped to be trusted with a great deal of responsibilities. 

I would like to be a manager similar to “Michael” who was discussed in the book, “First, Break All The Rules.” I want to know my HR team or those a part of the team who are at the core of HR. I want them to also be able to feel welcomed and heard and know that I am approachable to any concerns or feedback they may have in mind. I want to be a manager who my employees and co-workers can depend on and look up to. I also want to be humble enough to know I can ask for help when I need it and take responsibility for my mistakes. Lastly, I want to stay consistent and transparent with the way I manage my company and my employees as best that I can to make sure we are all on the same page.

I think an aspect of a manager’s job that I think is likely to be most challenging would be staying fair. Staying consistent with rewards or punishments of their employees due to the fact that everyone has their own struggles or things they need to work on, along with what may go on outside of work. A manager needs to ensure they are being fair but it’s easier said than done.

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