Get ‘er done!

It’s been a lot of fun OSU, but it’s time to say goodbye!

I’ve finally entered my last quarter in the post-bac computer science program. This has been a journey lasting more than four years (I took the slow route), that saw me through three jobs and a (another) baby.

When I started this program I was a budding 36-year-old with my whole life ahead of me. I was getting more and more interested in the technical aspects of my work: little snippets of SQL and some minor scripting. After some self-study, I realized I needed something more if I wanted to take development to the next level.

Now I’m a beat up old man. School has chewed me up and spit me out. But if all goes well, I’ll make it out alive, kicking and screaming, and clinging tightly to my newly minted CS degree.

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