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Article:“Master Studies Character Design Tips- What Makes a Solid Drawing”

Author: Win Leerasanthanah

Author summary:

Win Leerasanthanah is a Tawanese animator from Bangkok credited with working in Avengers: Endgame and Star Wars Solo.  He is currently based in Los Angeles and graduated with an MFA in Animation at SCAD.

Article summary:

    The main part of the article I want to take away is the concept of the Line of Action.  Win talks about the concept of drawing a character and designing with line of action in mind.  Making sure the design itself will be able to communicate a certain amount of motion in how it is animated later on.  Win goes into detail explaining applying certain characteristics to a character’s design in order to work better with motion including silhouette, perspective, and shape language.  The characters design will impact how well it would realistically move and using things, like in the example given, like stripes on a character to more clearly communicate some kind of motion.  Additionally, Win talks about breaking up the character into simple or complex forms.  Breaking it up by simple and complex forms on a single character help build focus in desired areas of a character so that the personality of the character is stronger shown without having to be told what it is.  


Leerasanthanah, Win, and Name *. “Master Studies Character Design Tips- What Makes a Solid Drawing: ASIFA-South.” ASIFA, 10 July 2019,

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