Isaiah’s Blog Post #3

To be honest, it does not feel like we are wrapping up our project quite yet. We had some hiccups and failures on the communication end that has delayed our project slightly. I’m glad we have another term to focus on improving our project and making it as good as we can, but I am also happy with the progress we have made.

For this project I was largely in charge of account management, password creation, and the login process. The biggest challenge for me was communication between the front and back-ends, as this was actually not something that I am very familiar with.

I think sometimes my tendency with projects is to try the “figure it out myself” method instead of actually doing enough research to learn how to do things the more traditional way. On the one hand this improves my critical thinking and problem-solving skills, but it also caused some delays and inefficiencies in development.

I also think that our group should have communicated specific roles and responsibilities clearer, because on more than one occasion we realized we had been working on the same feature. That’s probably the biggest thing I would change from a project management perspective.

I enjoyed working in a group a lot, because it allows everyone to focus on areas that they are more comfortable with an effective in. I also enjoyed being able to ask for help when stuck. This makes me excited for working in a professional environment, where I will be able to ask co-workers for help and advice regularly.

I am hopeful that through the next term, we can fix this outstanding issues with our project. It would really be a cool and useful tools for teachers and students if working properly and with effective UI.

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