Isaiah Wachsmuth’s 2nd Blog Post (1/29/2024)

I had a surprising amount of trouble with GitHub this week. It sounds crazy to say because we have been using GitHub for years at this point, but sometimes the development process with GitHub, as well as the personal access tokens, can be tedious and unhelpful. I started off the week trying to use GitHub with MobaXterm. The problem with this is there is not a great way that I could find to edit files except for in vim, which is not at all my preferred text editor.

After doing some research and thinking, I decided to try GitHub Desktop, which I had always seen but had never taken the time to learn or try. I downloaded GitHub Desktop and tried using it with Visual Studio Code. Once I created a terminal in VS Code, it was surprisingly easy to connect to GitHub and to push and pull from the repo.

The true test came the next day when I had closed VS Code and was trying to set up my workspace again. Surprisingly, everything came super easy. I just fired up VS Code and the repo was already there. I made a small edit to test if I could push and sure enough, it worked!

I am really happy that I tried using GitHub Desktop, as it has made this process a lot more straightforward than if I had tried to use MobaXterm. I now greatly appreciate GitHub Desktop, and this is also a great example of how sometimes taking a couple of extra minutes to learn a new technology can be well worth the trouble.

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