Troubles with Interviewing!

I have not been through any extensive interviews, but I often ask how different companies interview different potential employees. In my opinion, the most important thing to do as an interviewee is your research on the company you’re interested in working for. The one question that I’ve been asked and that I’ve heard is always asked is “do you have any questions about our company?” Whether you have a question or not, you should always ask something that shows you’ve done your research. No company wants an employee who has no knowledge of the company’s history or what they do, in general. My advice – read the mission statement always. It’s ALWAYS on their website unless they haven’t updated it since the 90’s. The real question is how each person can correctly prepare for the interview in the right way. I myself have found it effective for the person who is being interviewed to ask any questions they might have about the company or about the position that is being applied for. This is also helpful if the interviewee has questions about another job that the company is offering. This could potentially allow for some flexibility and for allowing a person to work in the right job. I believe it is very important that the interviewee is always asking the question rather than the other way around. When the interviewee asks the questions it shows that they are genuinely interested in the company and want to be employed by that company.

ALWAYS ask the questions

-July 16, 2021

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