Interview Effectiveness

My experience as a job applicant is mainly focused on an interview that I had in getting an internship for an electrical subcontractor a few summers ago. I think that the main aspect of the interview that made it very effective was that the questions asked were very straightforward and it made me as the interviewee feel very comfortable. I also believe that coming to an interview prepared and educated about the job will make a big difference in ones confidence while answering questions. In an interview setting, most people tend to get somewhat nervous so I feel that it is part of the interviewers responsibility to make the interviewee feels as comfortable as possible and prepare an effective interview. As stated in Lecture 3 of the week 4 module Improving Interview Effectiveness, “Knowing the job and qualifications, developing interview questions and benchmark answers, minimize the risk of bias, help avoid disagreement, and makes future hiring more efficient.” I believe that all of these tactics are very effective in developing an honest and effective interview and it is important that interviewers are aware of the way they develop their interviews.

If I could go back and advise my employers on how to improve the effectiveness of their interviews, I would tell them that asking questions relevant to what the interviewee should know are the most effective when it comes to trying to figure out who that person really is and what they know about the industry. I have heard many instances from peers about how their interviews went wrong as the questions asked were extremely high level questions about the company and everything that takes place. In my opinion, these types of questions only frustrate the interviewee as they do not work their yet and their knowledge is limited to what they can find on the web.

Overall, interviews are a very effective way to determine if an applicant is qualified for the job if conducted properly.

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