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Founded in 1889, Oregon State University’s College of Engineering endeavors to create solutions that promote strong economies, healthy people, and a sustainable natural environment. Through nearly 30 unique degree programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels, we produce top-notch engineers who are grounded in integrity, ingenuity, and a keen understanding of the inter-relatedness of global economies, cultures, and natural systems.

Our program has a long history of graduating world-class engineers who have made major impacts on civilization through significant contributions in science and technology. Our faculty collaborates across disciplines and institutional boundaries to leverage synergies in teaching, research, and innovation. Alumni achievements include breakthrough innovations such as the first artificial heart valve, the computer mouse, and the concept of email.

We want to ensure that we continue to provide our students with the most relevant education possible. By emphasizing authentic, experiential engineering experiences within our curriculum, we equip students with the knowledge, skills, and passion to advance innovative solutions to today’s most complex engineering challenges. We are eager to cultivate strategic partnerships that help our students learn while turning research results into new companies and products that create jobs and help people to lead better lives.

Our Industry Connect blog is one way we keep the lines of communication with industry open. Industry Connect gives us a platform to engage in meaningful conversations at several levels. We hope you will join us in helping to prepare the engineering leaders of tomorrow.

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