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Oregon State statisticians in Hyderabad, India

Statisticians from Oregon State University are in Hyderabad, India for the 2017 International Indian Statistical Association (IISA) Conference, December 27-30, 2017. The conference will take place at the Hyderabad International Convention Center. The theme of the conference is “Statistics and Data Science for Better Life, Society and Science.”

Professor Sastry Pantula is a panelist in a discussion on Women in Statistics and Data Science. He is also a speaker in a special panel, entitled “Are Statisticians Prepared for the Data Science challenge?-A Career Development Panel.” Pantula is a member of 2017 IISA’s International Advisory Committee.

Assistant Professor Sharmodeep Bhattacharyya will present his research at a session on “Estimation and Inference in Networks and Graphical Models.” Bhattacharyya will also chair a session on “Probability, Random Matrices, Big Data.”

The 2016 IISA conference was hosted by the Department of Statistics at Oregon State at the Learning Innovation Center on campus, August 18-21. Emphasizing the theme of “Statistical and Data Sciences: A Key to Healthy People, Planet and Prosperity,” the conference was attended by 200 statisticians from the United States and other parts of the world.

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International statistics conference comes to campus


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