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Chadburn Scholarships support pre-medical and pre-dental students

Thanks to a unique pair of scholarships by the Chadburn family, more than two dozen pre-medical and pre-dental students have benefited in the College of Science. They are truly making a difference in the education and careers of our students.

The late Richard Chadburn (General Science, ’51) and his wife Beverly (Education, ’52) established the Bev and Dick Chadburn Scholarship. Dick Chadburn was a lifelong dentist in Springfield, Ore., for more than 30 years.

Their daughter, Amy Chadburn (Zoology, ’79) created the Amy Chadburn Pre-Medical Scholarship. She used her science degree to become a pathologist, and today works as a physician, researcher, and educator in New York City.

The current Chadburn scholarship winners, senior Honors biology major Stephanie Zhao and junior chemistry major Nick Diaz-Hui, credit the scholarships for their outstanding academic careers. Both Zhao and Diaz-Hui say the Chadburn Scholarships made it possible for them to devote more their time to education, research and transformative extra-curricular experiences.

Senior Honors biology major Stephanie Zhao

Senior Honors biology major Stephanie Zhao

“Scholarships have made all the difference,” says Zhao. “I have a research job now, where I’ve picked up skills I wouldn’t have had time for otherwise. Last summer I even did a research trip in Puerto Rico. That wouldn’t have been possible if I was working a regular job to pay the rent.

“A number of my friends are working two or three jobs, and it is really stressful and tiring,” she adds. “After working an eight-hour day, it’s hard to try to do homework. I can put more energy and focus into the work I do with the help of these generous scholarships.”

Nick is pursuing a career in medicine to integrate his love of science with his love of helping people.

“I’m incredibly grateful for the community I’ve found and the opportunities I’ve had here,” he says. “When my parents immigrated to the States from Cuba and China, I don’t think they ever thought their sons would end up in career paths where we will be able to contribute so much. It honors the sacrifices their families made.”

Chemistry major Nick Diaz-Hui (far left) is a member of the musical group Outspoken and other OSU performance groups.

Chemistry major Nick Diaz-Hui (far left) is a member of the musical group Outspoken and other OSU performance groups.

In the 2015-16 academic year, the College of Science awarded more than $700,000 in scholarships and awards to 275 current science students for merit, need and undergraduate research experiences. Most of which were made possible thanks to the generosity of science alumni and friends who are deeply strongly committed to student success. OSU awarded $1.43 million to 403 incoming freshmen in the College of Science. In aggregate, 678 science students received more than $2.16 million in scholarship awards.

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