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“Chemistry is Awesome” event seeks to change stereotype

The Department of Chemistry’s CIA Party—otherwise known as the “Chemistry is Awesome Party”—included chemistry demonstrations, such as heavier-than-air bubbles filled with carbon dioxide and fingerprints made visible on an object using iodine fuming. Attracting about 500 guests, the event was unique in that it attempted to convey how chemistry is the science of change. The department wanted the party to shake things up and change a few perceptions about the field.

“I want people to know that chemists come from all different walks of life; that anyone can be a chemist, and that chemistry is fun,” said Rich Carter, chair of the Department of Chemistry.

“It’s great to show students our human side.”

Regina Forsi, an OSU freshman who has taken the general chemistry series this year, was among those who enjoyed the event.

“Chemistry really is awesome,” she said. “You can do so much with it.”

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