IGNITE Rx Fire Trainings

Prescribed fire is becoming more accessible and widespread in the Rogue Valley thanks to programs like the Oregon Department of Forestry’s Certified Burn Manager program and the work of the Rogue Valley Prescribed Burn Association. With more people than ever interested in this tool, training is a growing need. IGNITE is a series of prescribed fire trainings designed for practitioners from various backgrounds and experience levels. See the options below to find a training that matches your interest!

Certified Burn Manager course

  • When: April 1-3
  • Where: Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center, Central Point (classroom), Collins Demonstration Forest (field)
  • Offered by OSU Extension
  • The Certified Burn Manager program provides formal training in the safe and effective use of prescribed fire. This voluntary Oregon Department of Forestry program provides limited civil liability protection when certified individuals follow program criteria.
  • For: Applicants to the Certified Burn Manager program: private individuals, landowners, contractors, firefighters, students, and anyone interested in conducting prescribed burns. This course is one of the requirements for certification. Some previous fire experience required (contact instructor to inquire).
  • Cost: $60
  • Registration: beav.es/ckr

Prescribed Fire Skills Weekend

  • Date: April 6-7
  • Where: Siskiyou Field Institute, Selma, OR
  • Offered by OSU Extension, Oregon Department of Forestry, the Rogue Valley Prescribed Burn Association, and the Watershed Research and Training Center
  • This training is for all who want to learn about the intentional use of fire for healthy landscapes and safer communities. Experienced instructors will teach hands-on skills including: weather monitoring, equipment use, ignition techniques, and unit layout. Additional talks will cover fire science, cultural burning, and more. Sharing between participants from diverse backgrounds will enrich this community-based event to blaze a path towards a better relationship with fire.
  • For: Anyone interested in learning or deepening prescribed fire skills including planning, holding, firing, weather monitoring, and more.
  • Cost: $25
  • Registration: beav.es/ckz

Field Day Exercise

  • When: April 14th
  • Where: ODF Medford Office.
  • Offered by the Rogue Valley Prescribed Burn Association.
  • For: anyone interested in learning the basic tools and skills involved in wildland firefighting or getting certified for employment as a wildland firefighter. Some of the training stations will include: hand tools, their use and maintenance, ignition devices, fire engines and hose lays, and radio communication. In conjunction with free online S130/S190 course work, this class will allow participants to complete the requirements to become a National Wildland Coordinating Group (NWCG) Fire Fighter Type 2 (FFT2/basic fire fighter). For individuals seeking FFT2 certification, the necessary fire shelter deployment and arduous pack test will also be offered.
  • Cost: FREE
  • Registration: http://tinyurl.com/4tnd94tj

On-call training burns

  • When: throughout April and May; weather dependent
  • Where: various private land locations in Jackson and Josephine counties
  • Coordinated by the Rogue Valley Prescribed Burn Association
  • The Prescribed Burn Association will be organizing prescribed burns through the spring, weather permitting. Anyone can participate in these burns to gain experience: CBM trainees, aspiring and experienced firefighters, and community members of all backgrounds.
  • For: CBM trainees who need to complete their certification books, or anyone interested in gaining experience burning. All RVPBA burns are open to anyone interested in viewing or participating in a prescribed burn.
  • Cost: FREE
  • Registration: Fill out the Rogue Valley PBA’s Interest Form to be added to the notification list.
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