MGMT 453 – Week 6 Individual Blog Assignment

This week in Human Resources Management we took a deep dive into employee training and development. For this assignment we were to analyze a training or class that we had personally been a part of and reflect on whether it was effective or not using the techniques and methods described in this weeks material.

I hope that this doesn’t come off as controversial or triggering in any way as it was an experience that I was a part of and proves as a great example for this assignment. Ever since I got into firearms, I always had the desire to obtain a conceal carry permit and carry a firearm with me at all times in public when I am legally allowed to do so to protect myself and those around me safe from harm. In order to obtain a concealed firearm license individuals are required to take a three hour training course which reflects on carrying methods, safety, and the sea of legalities that arise if you choose to continue on the path that you are currently on. The training course that I was involved with was conducted by a recently retired police chief who was well presented and very knowledgeable on the subject at hand. With this type of training, everybody that desires to carry a firearm must take this class by law. Although I took this course 3 years ago now I can still remember every moment vividly. This training was effective because the instructor was able to use real life examples that were incredibly illustrative that he himself had engaged in. He was able to walk us through every step in engaging an active threat and the procedure following the use of a concealed firearm, if God forbid we were put in a situation that we had to use it. The instructor had very clear expectations, performance techniques, and required training methods of all applicants.

On the contrary a class that I’ve taken in college that was not very beneficial was Temporary Structures (CE 427). This course was focused on the design of structures on construction projects that were not meant to be permanent, such as concrete formwork, shoring, and scaffolding. The reason that this class was not effective was mainly due to the fact that it was a required course for Construction Management students who have no part in designing any aspect of a building or construction process in their line of work. It was frustrating for myself and the other CEM students in the class knowing that the heavy amount of effort that we had to put into this course to receive an exemplary grade was being completed in vein as the content would likely never be used outside of the classroom (i.e. not in our professions). In conclusion, this course so to speak, used a training method that although did maximize learning, did not transfer to the job which was in this case our future professions.

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