Week 1


My name is Chia-Kuang Hu, feel free to call me Edwin. This will be the last class of my OSU journey. Very excited! I’m looking forward to building an interesting project with teammates and learning as much as I can along the way!

A little background about me, I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. My hobbies include playing basketball and watching sports. I was major in Education back in college. I’ve been teaching in an Elementary school for more than 4 years. I enjoyed working as a teacher, but also interested in how technology affects our lives and wanted to challenge myself to learn something new. So that’s how I started my CS journey with OSU.

I had just finished my summer internship with Intuit, and have learned so much. The experiences taught me a lot of the things I didn’t know when learning in class. Such as how to reach out to other people, how to unblock myself, how to showcase my work, how to communicate with other people, and how to utilize test-driven development. You can see from the above, a lot of things are considered as soft-skills. I’ve learned that in the real world, people expect you to have the skill set, but the most important thing is you need to know how to learn and how to let others know what you’re working on.

That’s why I’m excited that this course will give us another chance on working in a real-world company setting. Being able to work with teammates and work in agile development. I’m interested in creating a web application and focusing more on frontend since I have experience working with React. And hope I can utilize this chance to sharpen my skills. And also excited to work with teammates on building the app together and connecting between frontend and backend.

Here are some of the projects that caught my eye:

  • Software Programming Quiz
  • Crowd-Sourced Travel Planner
  • OSU Craft Center Registration Website
  • Create a web or mobile version of a Climate Change Board Game

Let’s see which project I’ll be assigned to. See you in Week2!

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